How to Remove Rusty Spots on Kitchen Knives the Natural Way

You may have had the misfortune of throwing away perfectly good, expensive kitchen knives just because rust has invaded most of its surface, rendering them unusable. By any chance, have you left these knives soaking overnight in the sink for far too many times?

Well, it's no secret that water is the bane of all steel products. Water might be very useful and beneficial to us humans, but in terms of knives, water may prove to be their bane. We all make that mistake of leaving the dishes overnight as we may be too tired to do them; same thing when you leave your precious kitchen knives soaking or lying around on the counter. The problem is that knives don't take too kindly to water. Most of the blade components are made from steel, and steel is very vulnerable to rust. Rust happens when you put steel and water together and mix them- this chemical reaction is called corrosion and it looks as ugly as it sounds- brownish red spots that contrast to the shiny, clean surface of our handsome kitchen knives.

Don't throw those rusted kitchen knives away just yet- there's a way to get those rust off of them without damaging your cooking utensil. The good news is that rust only affects the surface of steel, and that a simple solution can save your kitchen knives from being thrown out to the garbage bin.

Natural Solution to Removing Those Rusty Spots

Everyone loves a simple solution, and we're sure you'll love it too. All you need are 4 things in order to be free of rust. Get some 100% pure lemon juice, some warm water and a cup to put them all in. Don't forget to bring the rusty kitchen knives!

First, you'll need equal parts warm water and lemon juice. For example, add three to four cups of lemon juice into three to four cups warm water. Stir it in so they'll be mixed together. The key to make it work is to completely soak the blades of your kitchen knives in the solution. The best kind of cups to use are the ones that can hold the rusty knives without tipping over the homemade cleaning mixture. Put the knives in the cup, and let them "soak" in the lemon water for a good 10 minutes before pulling them out.

How to Remove Rusty Spots on Kitchen Knives the Natural Way

When the 10 minutes are up, pick the kitchen knives carefully and wipe them with a tower or washcloth until dry. The powerful one-two combination of the lemon juice solution combined with the rubbing of the washcloth should be enough to scrape off the rust from the blades. If it's your first time doing this, then watch in wonder as the rust spots disappear magically right before your very eyes!

The best thing about this life hack trick is that this lemon water solution can get rid of all the rust spots hanging around your silverware. So bring out your knives, spoons, forks and whatnots and bring them back to their shiny, pristine form with this effective rust remover.

Add Salt For Extra Oomph

Want more rust-removing solutions that are as natural as the one listed above? Here's one more. Instead of trying to scrape off the unsightly rust spots from your kitchen knives with abrasive materials such as a steel sponge, here's a better way. Get some coarse salt from the kitchen and use it in combination with the lemon juice solution we told you about. The coarseness acts as a natural abrasive for the steel blade without damaging it like artificial scrubs do.

So if you have coarse salt lying around the house and you want to banish all rust from your kitchen knives, follow this- blend the salt in with the lemon juice to create a paste mix, then use it for rubbing against the rusty spots on your knives. Don't forget to use a towel or washcloth after 10 minutes, or else the acidity can cause irreparable damage to your lovely kitchen knives. Do the same if you choose to soak your rust-ridden knives in the lemon water solution. The bottom line is to keep a close eye out on the number of minutes you soak your knives into the solution in order to get the desired results.

Do This For Stubborn Rust

So maybe you've tried the solution and it worked wonderfully, only for the pesky rust to return. What's causing it to return? Are you doomed to live with rusty kitchen knives the rest of your culinary life?

How to Remove Rusty Spots on Kitchen Knives the Natural Way

It doesn't have to be that way. The problem is not the knives, but your habits. As long as you keep your knives laying around or soaking after you're done cooking, the problem will surely return as rust quickly forms again. The lemon water solution and the rock salt paste solution will still work on removing those rust whenever they appear. There's no long-term damage as long as you don't soak them in the acidic solution for far too long. Hopefully you'll learn the error of your knife maintenance ways and start on the good habit of keeping your kitchen knives properly cared for!


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