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Best Fillet Knife On the Market For The Fish Lover

The best fillet knife can make your fishing trips—or even jut your cooking sessions at home—a lot better. Filleting is best done with a razor-sharp knife that comes in just the right shape. If you want clean cuts that don't break bones or tear the flesh, the proper fillet knife is what you need. The truth is, it doesn't matter how sharp or well-kept your other kitchen knives are. A chef's knife or any old fixed blade knife is sure to give you a hard time if you use it to fillet. A fillet knife is specifically designed to help you efficiently separate flesh from bone with minimal to no waste or damage. Using the right tools for a specific job is always the best way to go.

best fillet knife

So if fillet knives are best for filleting, will any fillet knife do? The answer is no. Some fillet knives are made of substandard steel that dulls too easily, while some have blades that can't withstand more intense and demanding tasks. Not every fillet knife is made the same, and though they can be expected to perform the same functions, not all of them will perform these funtions well.

This is why it's important to choose the best fillet knife in the world for you. The knife you choose should be easy and comfortable for you to handle, and you should be able to grip it securely. The blade doesn't have to come sharp out of the box (though that's ideal and preferable), but it does need to be easily sharpened and the edge should hold even after multiple filleting tasks. With that in mind, here are five of the top fillet knives on the market today.

How To Buy A Good Fillet Knife

It may seem simple at first, but there are some factors to consider before moving forward with a decision. The reason for this is the market for fillet knives is flooded with brands who advertise a variety of features. Your task is to pick a knife with the features that will satisfy the tasks you wish to accomplish in or outside of the kitchen. Below are some important factors to consider before making a purchase.

Blade Materials

There are a lot of fillet knives on the market, but not all of them are made up of high-quality materials. A cheap low-quality knife will not only deliver a poor performance but will also cost you more money in the long run after they continuously break or corrode. The best idea would be to invest in a knife with a high-quality blade and handle that will last you for years without having to be replaced. Although it may cost a little more upfront, over the long run you will not only save money but be able to handle slicing delicate fillets with ease.

Design And Performance

A fillet knife with a poorly designed blade will make a mess in the kitchen. How so? Usually, before you cut or slice any meat, it is first rinsed to clean any bacteria that may be on it. If you then proceed to cut with a cheaper knife, the cutting would be done sloppily and result in having bacteria-laden water all over your hands. Lastly, you could be susceptible to injuries which could be fatal which is another reason why a properly designed utensil is vital. Always make sure to read the safety instructions before using one and inspect your knife for any defects.


If you don’t have time to spend hours reading blogs about the best fillet knives, it is best to choose any knife made by a reputable company. Using a company with a stellar reputation will increase your odds of selecting a quality product. Not to mention buying any knife from a relatively unknown seller might mean that if you have any issues in the future, they might not be around to uphold their guarantee.


No knife is could ever be reliable without a sturdy handle that fits like a glove in the palm of your hand. Weak poorly made handles that are slippery will cause injuries and will lead to disappoint on your end. Because of this, you should always make sure the handle isn’t slippery even when your hands are wet. I recommend handles that are made of plastic or rubber. They have become trendy these and for the right reasons. Knives with the typical old style wooden handle are difficult to hold on to and absorb the smell of fish quite quickly. The last thing you need in your life is a kitchen cabinet reeking of fish. Believe me; I have been there!

Best Fillet Knife Candidates ​

Morakniv Fishing Comfort Fillet Knife 

Morakniv Fishing Comfort Fillet Knife

This may just be the best fillet knife you'll encounter, especially for its price, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. The Morakniv Fillet Knife has all the hallmarks of a good knife. It is made of good steel that holds an edge well and doesn't corrode easily. It has a high-friction handle, which means it is easier to grip and keep secure. The knife comes sharp out of the box and you can even use it immediately after taking it out of the package.

The sheath might not be up to your standards, though. It's made of plastic and doesn't seem very durable. It may need to be replaced with a better sheath after some time has passed.

Rapala Fish'n Fillet Knife

Rapala Fish'n Fillet Knife

Though the product name indicates that it's meant for filleting and deboning fish, it can actually also be used for filleting other kinds of protein. It's known as the best fish fillet knife and is also quite popular among fishermen, and it's a common sight on docks, decks, and beaches. It's a great fishing knife for both beginners and veterans, and you'll probably be using this knife for years. Even after you retire it, you'll be looking for something quite similar to it.

The package also includes a great genuine leather sheath as well as a single-stage sharpener. You might find the knife a little less flexible than you'd like, though, but all in all you'll probably be satisfied with it.

Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife

Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife

This is the best electric fillet knife, especially considering the price. You can basically just lay the blade alongside a fish or a piece of meat, and you would hardly have to put much effort into slicing through the flesh. The knife does most of the work for you. You can clean fish with ease, and you can even carve meat using this knife. Cutting through rib bones is surprisingly easy, and filleting bigger fish can be a much quicker and more efficient task.

However, you do have to watch out for the release buttons as they have a tendency to get stuck. The unit might also be too large for some, though the size is perfect for most others.

Gerber Gator Fillet Knife

Gerber Gator Fillet Knife

Like Buck, Gerber is one of the best knife manufacturers in the world. Their products are always well-made, giving Gerber its much-deserved reputation. The Gator Fillet Knife also comes with its own sharpener, and it is also easy to sharpen. The handle is made of rubber, which means that it won't flake, splinter, or discolor, unlike wood or plastic. It can fit snugly into your hand and you'll have an easy time using the knife on a variety of protein.

The packaging, however, is a little difficult to open, so make sure you are holding it over a safe surface before you open it. The blade is also on the thinner side, so it there's a chance that it might chip or even break completely.

Rapala Lithium Ion Cordless Fillet Knife

Rapala Lithium Ion Cordless Fillet Knife

Battery-powered knives haven't seemed to have gained much popularity over the years, and the reason might have something to do with endurance and the longevity of battery life. Nowadays, newer models of cordless fillet knives are powered by lithium batteries, which provide more energy. The Rapala Lithium Ion Cordless Fillet Knife is the best fillet knife of its kind. You can fillet quite a considerable number of fish using this knife without having to charge it once. You can have an 80-minute filleting session using this knife without slowing down. The batteries are fully recharged after two hours.

Take note, however, that some users have had problems with releasing the blade. Other than that, this knife is a great addition to your kitchen and fishing equipment.


Consider that the best fillet knife for fish and other protein won't come in a specific size or shape. Some fillet knives have shorter blades, which are great for home kitchens. Larger and longer fillet knives are more common in restaurants and similar commercial establishments that handle larger fish. Whatever the size is, a fillet knife is also best when it has a flexible blade, which is actually a defining characteristic. A flexible blade can make the job easier for you, and it is one of the defining characteristics of the best fillet knife.