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The Best Machete For The Serious Hunter

Finding the best machete for you can be a fun (albeit somewhat expensive) little adventure. You may have already tried a particular machete and liked it, but you may also still be in the market for a machete you can swear by. Either way, it might prove beneficial to try at least one new blade at least one time. You'll be able to figure out what you need from a machete and you'll be able to choose one that you'll be using for years to come.

best machete

Of course, you can instead read through this list and see which machete catches your eye. Machetes are basically long knives used to blaze trails, or at least clear your way or an area of inconvenient growth. They can be used for chopping wood and many other camping and hunting applications. Machetes are commonly used in some countries as an essential tool in agriculture, especially the cultivation of sugar canes. Throughout history, the machete has been used both to provide food and shelter as well as to fight in wars. Before guns became widespread, many populations relied on their machetes for battle.

All the best machete brands make different types of machetes, each one looking very distinct from the others. The Latin machete is perhaps the most common and most recognizable type of machete there is. Another is the kukri, which originated from Nepal and has a number of different functions. There's the bowie machete, which basically looks like a longer and larger bowie knife. There are also the bolo, parang, panga, and golok.

Take a look at the list below to see if you'll like any of the top machetes on the market.

Best Machete Candidates​

Ka-Bar 2-1249-9 Kukri

Ka-Bar 2-1249-9 Kukri

The Ka-Bar Kukri is perhaps the best machete in terms of durability and design. Like a number of other Ka-Bar knives, it is especially popular among service members, which is essentially a testimonial to how well-made Ka-Bar knives are. This Ka-Bar Kukri has a full tang blade that can be easily sharpened and can hold an edge for a long time. It is the preferred everyday carry of Nepalese Gurkha mountaineers, who frequently contend with clearing pathways of obstructions ranging from weeds to small trees. The blade is designed to help you survive in the wild, and if you ever find yourself alone in the wilderness, this blade might become your best friend.

Kershaw Machete

Kershaw Machete Camp Knife

If you're a survivalist, the best machete in the world is the one that can efficiently help you survive in the wild. Because of this, your tools need to be able to keep up with you. Kershaw, one of the leading knife makers, has come up with a blade that can resist corrosion and ensure that you'll have a dependable tool for surviving in the wild. The machete has a great weight balance which makes it ideal for chopping and hacking at wood and other similar fauna.

However, it's been found that the protective covering of the blade that prevents corrosion is somewhat thin and can fade away with use. In general, though, this is a solid and well-made knife.

Cold Steel Gladius Machete

Cold Steel Gladius Machete

Sword or machete? With the Gladius, you won't even have to choose. It functions like a machete, but with its ball-shaped pommel and the shape of its blade, it looks a lot like a short sword. If you're ever on your own in the wild and bored, you can pretend to be a lost Roman soldier trying to find his way back to his platoon. You won't be cutting down enemies with the Gladius, but you'll be able to cut down small trees and clear thick bushes and do all the things expected of the best machetes.

The only problem that you might find with it is that the unit you get might not be cleanly sharpened. However, it's going to be easy for you to sharpen the blade and smooth out its rough edges.

Schrade SCHKM1 Large Full Tang Kukri Machete

Schrade SCHKM1 Large Full Tang Kukri Machete

There's a lot to appreciate about the Schrade Kukri Machete. For one thing, its blade has a black powder coating that prevents corrosion and makes it easier for you to maintain the machete. It is full tang, ensuring that you will be holding it securely as you use it. The steel of the blade is also soft enough to resist breakage due to constant use, which can happen to more brittle blades. Its handle also has an ergonomic design that enables it to fit comfortably in your hand.

The sheath, however, is unfortunately not very well-made. It can come apart after some use, and it can put you in a potentially dangerous situation with the blade.

SOG SOGfari 18" Machete MC02-N

SOG SOGfari 18 Machete MC02-N

This machete is the best machete for a variety of outdoor activities. It has a straight edge on one side of the blade, which is great for chopping and hacking. It also has a serrated edge on the other side of the blade, which is great for cutting things like rope or small branches. You won't need to bring different tools if you can do multiple things using the same tool. SOG also offers a lifetime warranty that they make good on without fuss.

That warranty is a good thing, because you might just need it. There have been multiple reviews stating that the blade of their machetes is too brittle and has ended up breaking apart. The sheath is also not well-made and can't safely contain the machete.


There you have the five top machetes on the market. The best machete review should always tell you important information about a product so you can choose wisely. When choosing one as your go-to machete, you need to remember a few things. The length of the blade can be as short as 10 inches, though it can also be as long as two feet. The length depends on which you consider to be more important: portability or reach.

The steel of the blade should also be of good quality, and it's best if the blade is full tang. With these considerations in mind, you'll be able to find the best machete you can use.

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