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Best Diving Knife For The Water Lover

Are you planning to go diving without a knife? Perhaps you do have a knife but it is old and worn out, which doesn’t make it suitable for using underwater. Whatever your situation is, you need a knife that is suitable enough to last underwater without getting dull or rusty. That is why diving knives will be your best option. These are knives specifically made for going underwater with for long periods of time.

Below is a list of diving knives that are highly recommended for anyone who is planning to go on a diving trip. Remember that every diver needs a diver knife as well as a big old oxygen tank strapped to their back.

Diving Knife Size

Before we get to the list of diving knives, let’s discuss the size of the diving knife that you’ll need. It won’t need to be a big knife because most of the cutting you’d have to do underwater wouldn’t require one. Actually, a big knife could make things worse for yourself because it will be easier for you to accidentally cut yourself with it.

Smaller knives are suitable for most divers, especially recreational divers. The only things you’ll likely be cutting are wires, ropes, or nets. If you get tangled up in one of them underwater, a smaller knife will be easier to maneuver around with and you’re less likely to cut yourself while you’re cutting yourself free. Make sure the knife also has a serrated blade because that makes cutting so much easier.

A knife that has about a 3 or 4-inch blade should do you just fine. At this size, it is not big and won’t be clunky. If you put the knife on your suit, then it won’t take up too much room there. Most of all, it is easy to maneuver the knife with very little chance of hurting yourself.

The Diving Knife’s Type and Shape

When shopping for a diving knife, you must figure out if you want a pointed or blunt knife. You should also ask yourself if you want a plain or serrated edge on the knife as well.

If you are a new diver or simply a recreational diver, then purchasing a blunt diving knife is your best option. The reason for this is because it is much harder to hurt yourself with the blade of a blunt knife. When you’re underwater, it is very easy to accidentally poke yourself so a blunt knife will help ensure that you don’t get hurt from it. Furthermore, it will prevent an accident where you accidentally put a hole in your oxygen tank, which is definitely something you won’t want to happen underwater. However, if you are an experienced diver that is skilled with using knives underwater, then a pointed knife should be okay for you to use. But you should only use them if you plan on poking something underwater or else it is too risky to use.

As far as the edge of the blade goes, serrated knives are far superior to plain edge knives. Serrated knives are very useful for cutting things like nets, lines, and ropes because it is much easier to do so with them. The reason they are easier is because serrated knives have individual grooves on them which allow it to tear through materials like a shark. However, the only downside to the serrated knife is that it’s very difficult to clean and sharpen the blade. With all those individual grooves in the blade, it takes more time to sharpen and clean each one of them. This is a skill that you actually have to learn as well. With a plain edge knife, you can just run it through an electric knife sharpener and you’re good to go. Just remember the plain edge knife will never cut as well as the serrated knife.

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The Scuba Diving Knife’s Composition & Material

The material that the diving knife is made from is something you need to consider as well. You’ll usually find diving knives made of either titanium or stainless steel. The scuba knives made of stainless steel typically have alloys from the 400-series or 300-series. The higher the series, the better the retention will be in the edge. However, it will also be easier for the blade to rust and corrode. If you go with a lower series, the blade will be more resistant to rust but the edge retention will be weaker. The 300-series stainless steel scuba knives can still corrode, though. All stainless-steel knives contain elements of carbon in them, which means it is possible for them to rust. This carbon is necessary though because it’s what gives the blade its strength. Overall, just make sure you maintain whichever knife you purchase by regularly sharpening the blade and wiping off rust. If you do that, then it should last you a long time.

Titanium scuba knives are far superior to stainless steel scuba knives because you really don’t have to maintain them at all. Titanium knives will always be sharp without ever having to sharpen them yourself. That is okay because they are hard to sharpen anyway. But if you use the knife on a regular basis, you should attempt to sharpen it after every six diving trips. It really depends on how long you spend in the water as well. The only downside to titanium knives is that they cost more than stainless steel knives.

To sum everything up, you need to choose a diving knife that has titanium or stainless steel, plain edge or serrated edge, and has a tip that’s pointed or blunt. The most economical and safest choice while maintaining quality would be a stainless-steel knife that’s serrated and has a blunt tip. But you don’t have to necessarily make this choice for yourself. It all depends on your experience level and diving ability. If you’re not sure what to choose, then choose the safest option that was just mentioned.

Best Diving Knife Candidates​

Promate Barracuda Dive Titanium Knife

Promate Barracuda Dive Titanium Knife

The Promate Barracuda Dive Titanium Knife is the true definition of quality when it comes to good diving knives. For one thing, the design of this knife will allow you to pull it out quickly underwater. When you have to go cut something, the Barracuda’s blade comes already sharp. You can cut ropes, wires, cords, or any other material that you’ve attached yourself to underwater. Since it’s made of titanium, that means you won’t have to sharpen it and it won’t rust for a long time.

The last thing you would want is a diving knife that rusts easily, which makes this perfect to use underwater. It doesn’t matter if you’re an inexperienced diver or a professional diver either because the knife is suitable for divers of all experience levels.

Atomic Aquatics Titanium Scuba Diving Knife

Atomic Aquatics Titanium Scuba Diving Knife

The Atomic Aquatics Titanium Scuba Diving Knife is recommended by dozens of professional divers because the sharpness of its blade is superior to the sharpness of most other blades. That might be because the blade of this knife is made out of full-tang titanium. This means that not only is it sharp, but it can resist corrosion and rust as well. These are the qualities you want to have in a diving knife. But wait, that’s not all.

This scuba diving knife also features a serrated blade, which has individual grooves that make cutting things so much easier. The sturdiness of the knife will even ensure that you don’t lose your grip on it underwater. The only downside is that the knife is priced at around $130, which is kind of expensive for a diving knife. However, the more you spend, the better quality you’re getting with your knife. Isn’t it better to get a good cutting knife that lasts a long time instead of a cheap knife that will get damaged quickly?

U.S. Divers Titanium 5-Inch Diving Knife

U.S. Divers Titanium 5-Inch Diving Knife

The U.S. Divers Titanium 5-Inch Diving Knife is great for divers who want to be able to cut through virtually anything while they’re underwater. This knife was made for American divers who like to cut things without much hassle. This 5-inch blade contains a line cutter, a sharp tip, and a serrated edge. This combination of features is perfect for cutting when you’re underwater. Of course, you can expect a knife of this quality to be priced higher than most other knives. But again, if you want a high-quality knife then you need to spend the bucks to get one. It just depends on how much diving you plan to do.

This diving knife has a simple design, but it does its job properly. Don’t be fooled by other knives that are designed in a fancy way just to get your attention. The main purpose of a knife is cutting things with. If you can do that comfortably and with ease, then you have yourself a good knife. That’s what you’re getting with the U.S. Divers Titanium 5-Inch Diving Knife. And if that’s not enough, cleaning the knife will be a piece of cake because you can disassemble the entire thing and clean each part separately. This will ensure that no water is left in the handle like you might find with other knives that don’t disassemble.

You will get a 2-year warranty when you purchase this diving knife. That is awesome because most manufacturers will never offer such a deal with their knives.

Tusa FK-940ti X-Pert II Knife Red

Although the color and visual appeal of a diving knife should never be the most important thing about it, the Tusa FK-940ti X-Pert II Knife is something special. It comes with an attractive looking red color which is bright and noticeable. Some people may be turned off by this red color while others will love it. If you’re underwater, it may be easier to see this knife because of its bright redness.

Tusa FK-940ti X-Pert II Knife Red

As for the quality of the knife itself, you can expect the Tusa FK-940ti to deliver a good cut to almost any material. Its titanium drop point blade is resistant to corrosion and rust, making it more than suitable for using underwater. Other diving knives that aren’t made out of titanium will rust very easily, and it can become a pain to have to clean the rust all the time. That’s not to say that this titanium knife will never rust, but it will take a lot longer for it to rust than it would for a non-titanium knife.

If that’s not enough of a reason to purchase the Tusa FK-940ti, it even features a serrated edge and line cutter. These little individual grooves on the edge make it simple for cutting cords, ropes, wires and anything else that you can imagine. Don’t worry about the grip either because the grip is comfortable and sturdy while you’re underwater with it. You won’t have to stress over it slipping out of your hand or anything like that. So, if you’re looking for a high-quality knife that has the ability to cut through pretty much any material that your heart desires, then the Tusa FK-940ti is going to be perfect for you.

Seavenger Titanium Knife Diver’s Knife

Seavenger Titanium Knife Diver’s Knife

The Seavenger Titanium Knife Diver’s Knife has two special things about it. The first special thing is that it is more affordable than most other diving knives out there. However, this doesn’t mean the knife is made of low quality because it is not. That is why the second special thing about this knife is that it is durable and cuts very well. Since it has a titanium blade, it is able to cut through most materials and it is resistant to corrosion and rust.

The Seavenger diver knife is a tad smaller than some of the other titanium knives available, which can be good or bad depending on your preferences. You may prefer a longer knife because it gives you more range and motions. But if you like a shorter knife that is safe to use and easy to cut things with, the Seavenger diver knife is definitely going to make you happy. Just be aware that it may not last as long as other titanium diving knives because of how cheap it is priced.