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What is the Best Santoku Knife?

Having a knife that you can use in a variety of food preparation situations is very convenient. If owning a knife that can cut through best santoku knivesmany types of food quickly interests you, the Santoku knife is just the knife you need. They are well balanced and can perform almost every type of tasks. This knife originates from Japan. If Santoku is translated into English, it is defined as mincing, dicing, and slicing. Although my favorite knife is my chef knife, I use my Santoku knife almost as often because it is ideal for meats and vegetables. Before I tell you which I think the best Santoku knife is, I will discuss a bit more about the body and the layout.

The Body

The Santoku knife is very unique when compared to western style knives. They are not as long, not as thick, and usually don’t weigh as much, which may throw some enough knife enthusiasts off. One fact most people don’t know is they are reinforced to make up for their lack of thickness. Also, they stand out from their western counterpart because Japanese manufacturers pay a lot of attention in order to design them beautifully. They believe that beauty is just as important as high performance. Although much lighter than western knives, Santoku knives are much easier to wield, which makes food preparation much easier. There is a very famous type of steel in Japan called molybdenum vanadium. If you are shopping and your Santoku knife is made of this material, consider yourself headed in the right direction.

best santoku knife The Layout

If you have never used a Santoku knife before, don’t let it intimidate you. Because they have a more linear cutting edge, they require a little bit of a learning curve in the beginning. Also, some Santoku knives have what’s called a side known as Grants Edge. This is very useful because it prevents food from sticking frequently to your knife. I think this not only cuts time when it comes to food preparation but also means you will spend less time cleaning it after. For other knife options, please check out our best kitchen knives guide.

Our Best Santoku Knife List

Victorinox Swiss Army 7 inch Santoku Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army 7 inch Santoku KnifeThe Victorinox Swiss Army 7 inch Santoku knife are hand finished in Switzerland by some of the best knife craftsmen in the world. Don’t underestimate this knife because of its low price. It is a good quality Santoku knife that will work hard for you. If you are a moderate chef who needs to purchase a sidekick for your chef knife, this is the one to get. As soon as you place it in the palm of your hand, you will immediately feel how light it is.

Also, its handles are ergonomically designed putting as little pressure on your wrist as possible. Needless to say, you will not regret purchasing this 4.5 star Santoku knife that will give you many years of stellar performance. Definitely my favorite on our best Santoku knife list.


Mercer Culinary Genesis 7 inch Santoku knife

Victorinox Swiss Army 7 inch Santoku KnifeIf you are looking for a Santoku knife and you have a slightly higher budget, the Mercer Culinary 7 inch Santoku knife might be the knife for you. It has a better quality look than the Santoku knife and still manages to remain affordable when compared to other premium brands.

This Santoku knife is made of high carbon cutlery steel that is able to resist rust corrosion and discoloration. Because of this feature, it has the potential to last many years of moderate use and comes with a limited lifetime warranty to back it up. Lastly, it has a ground edge, which means you won’t have to sharpen it as much and honing it regularly is a much easier task.


Kershaw Pure Komachi 2 Santoku knife

Kershaw Pure Komachi 2 Santoku knifeI am a huge fan of this best selling Santoku knife. Not only is it absolutely stunning but it also performs well and is the lowest price knife on this list. It doesn’t get any better than that and it comes with some other notable features. The Kershaw Pure Komachi Santoku knife is super durable stainless steel blade that retains its sharp edge over time. Also, it has a lightweight ergonomic handle that virtually guarantees you will be comfortable while preparing food in the kitchen. And last but definitely not least, this Santoku knife comes with a blade sheath that will protect your blade, which most knives don’t include. This Santoku knife comes in a top rated knife set if you want to buy a everything together.


J.A. Henckels Classic 7 inch Santoku knife

J.A. Henckels Classic 7 inch Santoku knifeThis Santoku knife is one of the highest quality knives on our list made by one of the most renowned German manufacturers in the world. It is made of high carbon German stainless steel so you know you are buying the best. The Santoku knife is 7 inches long and is perfect for preparing meat, fish, and vegetables with ease. As far as cleaning after us is concerned it has a hollow edge that reduces food sticking to the blade. I find this to be my favorite feature because I literally finish cleaning the knife in minutes. If you don’t want to clean it yourself don’t worry about throwing it in the dishwasher because it is dishwasher friendly. Lastly, you will receive a limited lifetime warranty, which you probably won’t even need because their knives are usually flawless. Germany makes some of the best Santoku knives on the world so you won’t have to worry.


Wusthof Classic 7 inch Santoku knife

Wusthof Classic 7 inch Santoku knifeIf you can afford it, this 5 star knife is literally one of the best knives on this list. It is a super high quality premium Santoku knife from one of the best German manufacturers in the world. This Santoku knife is designed for chopping, slicing and dicing with ease. The knife has a tough polypropylene handle with full tang, which can be pretty rare. I personally own this Wusthof Santoku knife and the classic Wusthof chef knife. They are both my best friends and they rarely require honing. Pony up a little a bit more money and I promise you won’t regret it.


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