Best Way to Cook Lobster Tails on the Grill

Lobster is truly a delicacy that tastes great when cooked on the grill. People who are willing to spend some good money on lobster are typically the ones who eat it. That is why Red Lobster is considered to be an upscale restaurant. But you may be surprised to learn that these 10-legged sea creatures were not always considered to be a rich type of food that cost a lot of money.

Back in the day, lobsters were used as fertilizer by the Native Americans who lived along the northeastern coastline of the United States. When Colonial Americans finally came to the country, they only served lobster to poor people, servants, and children. In the 1800s, the servants who were hired through a contract had to abide by a clause which stated that lobster could only be served 3 times or less per week. They didn’t even grill the lobsters with butter either.

Best Way to Cook Lobster Tails on the Grill Guide

Best Way To Cook Lobster Tails On The Grill Guide

Impress People

If you can purchase lobster tails at an affordable price, they are fun to grill for your friends, family, or guests. Even the act of grilling the lobster and watching it sizzle can be visually enticing to everyone around it. The taste will be even better when the lobster is done being grilled and is ready to eat.

It is very easy to prepare and grill lobster tails. The first step is finding the lobster at the grocery store that you want to eat. Typically, grocery stores will have European clawed lobsters and American clawed lobsters available to purchase. These are most commonly eaten by Americans. Some special grocery stores and seafood markets may even sell tropical lobsters that do not have claws.

Preparing the Herb Butter

A buttery coating is always necessary when preparing lobster tails. Since the flavor of lobster is so distinct and delicate, you need to use herbs which enhance the flavor without taking the original flavor of the lobster meat away. One way to do this is to use a tiny amount of minced garlic for starters. Then add some fresh chives that have been finely minced as well. A small amount of lemon pepper wouldn’t hurt either. Of course, if you are conservative with your flavorings then just use the butter and nothing else. It is up to you.

To prepare the best butter taste possible, use clarified butter on the lobster tails. Using a small pan on a kitchen stove with medium heat underneath it, place a stick of unsalted butter onto it. Wait for the heat to melt the butter enough to where it separates and then forms froth on the top of it. On the bottom, there should be milk solids too. Remove the froth from the butter and then pour the butter into a food container. Now you can add any herbs that you want to include in the butter.

Preparing to Grill the Lobster

When you’re ready to grill the lobster, place it flat onto a cutting board with the shell side pointing up. Take a knife that is very sharp and then cut the shell down the middle of the lobster until you reach the tail. Make sure you don’t cut through the tail. Now take the same knife and spread the shell open by cutting the flesh along the cutting line that you just made. The shell should spread open like a book. This is how you butterfly the lobster tail.

Flip the lobster tails upside down on the grill. Take the knife and lightly cut into the soft underside of the tail to split it open. You’ll want to be able to pour the clarified butter onto the tail so that it can reach the flesh inside of it.

prepare lobster tail

Preparing the Grill

Wipe the grill grate clean and then lightly coat it with canola oil. Set the grill temperature between medium high and high heat. As for the main part of the lobster, you can just use direct heat.

Lobster Tails on the Grill

Put the lobster tails onto the grate of the grill with their shells pointing upward. Keep them on the grill for around 4 to 5 minutes (assuming they are 6 ounce tails). Flip the lobster tails the other way so the shells are pointing down. Take the clarified butter and brush it into the cut area of the tail. Save enough butter to place onto it at the end.

Grill the lobster tails for an additional 5 minutes. You’ll want the lobster flesh to have an internal temperature of 135°F. Use a reliable thermometer to make sure of this. Once this is done, put the lobster on a plate and leave it there for a few minutes to cool off.


Take a dull knife and use it to loosen the flesh that is inside the large end of the lobster tail. Pull out the flesh from the shell a little bit but keep it layered on top of the shell. You’ll still want it attached to the lobster tail. If you can’t do this right, just leave the flesh in the shell because you don’t want to have to serve pieces of flesh on a plate. It won’t look right.

If you have any clarified butter left, drizzle it onto the flesh. You can sprinkle some Romano cheese or Parmesan cheese if you want too. You can even add a quarter lemon next to it on the plate as well.

A baked potato makes a good side dish with the lobster tail but make sure the potato is smaller than the tail. That way, the tail looks like the main course. Now that you know the best way to cook lobster tails on the grill, you can have the most delicious meal with family and friends.


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