What Are The Best Knife Sets?

Whether you’re a home cook or a well-trained chef, you’ll definitely appreciate a good set of knives. When you invest in these, you will absolutely be able to change the way that you cook, cut, and create just about anything in the kitchen. Done right, you can make some incredible things, and enjoy the beauty and splendor that comes with crafting meals at home or in a restaurant setting. It’s never good to have dull lifeless knives, which is why the following breakdown of the best knife sets is so crucial.  Quality Chef knives are usually included in each set. Here are the top knife set solutions you can find today.

Best Knife Sets Reviews

Best Professional Knife Set – Wusthof Classic 8-Piece Knife Set with Knife Block

If you are a professional chef that need a knife set that can withstand consistent use, the Wusthof Classic 8 Piece Knife Set with Knife Wusthof Classic 8-Piece Knife Set with Knife BlockBlock is for you. I personally own this set and you will not believe how sharp they are. Placing one in the palm of your hands allows you to feel how light and natural each one feels. You almost start to believe that the knife smith was thinking of you specifically while he was making it. When it comes to quality materials you can’t beat a Wusthof. The blades are formed with the perfect balance of carbon steel and stain resistant alloy.

One thing I noticed while I was slicing through various vegetables was how precise my cuts were. The knives are polished for perfect tapering and have a hand honed edge that will give you an almost god-like ability to slice through almost any type of food quickly. A bit expensive but definitely the best knife block set on the market if you can afford it. This set is also a winner on our overall best kitchen knife list.


Best Chef Knife Set – Wusthof Classic 3-Piece Knife Set

If you are looking to buy a premium quality knife set but don’t need a huge 8 piece set, the Wusthof Classic 3 Piece Knife Set is Wusthof Classic 3-Piece Knife Setdefinitely one that you should consider. Many readers have suggested that is one of the best knife sets on our list and you would be wise to learn why. These knives are imported from Germany, a country that is fanatical about making super high quality knife sets. This set includes an 8 inch chef knife set, a 3.5 inch paring knife and a 6 inch utility knife which is pretty much all the knives you need for basic tasks around the kitchen. All 3 of these knives have forged high carbon stainless steel blades and are hand honed for razor like sharpness.

One last piece of information that I have to share with you about this set is on how to clean them properly and safely. The instructions describe them as dishwasher friendly but I would not recommend this. It is better to decrease your risk and wash them by hand with a wet cloth. These are premium priced knives that can last you a life time if you wash and maintain them properly but the choice is yours at the end of the day. You will not regret buying this set because it is the best chef knife set from Germany I have ever seen.


Best Value Knife Set – Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Signature 19-Piece Knife Set with Block

The J.A. Henckels Twin Signature 19 Piece knife Set with Block is one of the best knife sets on the market when it comes to getting theZwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Signature 19-Piece Knife Set with Block best bang for your back. Buying this provides you with a huge array of kitchen knives that allows you to perform every single type of cutting task possible. This cutlery set features traditional three rivets and visible full tang with stylish curves that most of the guests that visit your home will envy. The blades are ice hardened and made from high carbon steel and are laser sharpened for a durable edge that you will not have to hone often.

If all the above features weren’t enough, you will also get a lifetime warranty to cover this entire valuable set. The one fact you have to ignore about this set also is the dishwasher friendly label. You should never place any type of knife in your dishwasher for cleaning. If you do, they will eventually start to fade and will lose their value.


Best Knife Set under $100 – Ginsu 7108 Chikara 8-Piece Stainless Steel Knife Block Set

If you are into Japanese style knives, the Ginsu 7108 Chikara 8 Piece Stainless Steel Knife Block Set is one of the best knife sets under Ginsu 7108 Chikara 8-Piece Stainless Steel Knife Block Set$100 for you. These are specialty knives designed dexterity chopping, dicing and slicing which means an easier time in the kitchen for you. Also, the handles of knives are traditional Japanese style which means they are made of heat and water resistant resin. I have yet to see knives in this price range perform the way they do in this price range which is a huge plus.

The set comes with a life time warranty which means if you ever have problems in the future with your knives, you will be protected. Lastly, as with a all fine cutlery that you invest a decent amount of money in, you should wash each and every knife by hand in order to maintain them properly. Many people make the mistake of shoving them in their dishwasher and end up ruining a good set of knives.


Best Design Knife Set – Mercer Culinary Renaissance 6-Piece Glass Block Set

The Mercer Culinary Renaissance 6 Piece Glass Block Set is one of the most stylish best knife sets on our list. Each knife is Mercer Culinary Renaissance 6-Piece Glass Block Setergonomically designed with triple riveted handles. The blades are made of high carbon steel that are rust resistant and remain sharp for a very long period of time with moderate use. What makes this set unique is that they don’t take up a lot of space and look great anywhere in your kitchen when stored properly. Each and every single knife is NSF certified and come with a limited lifetime warranty so your investment is secure.

If you are all about looks but don’t want to sacrifice superior performance, you should definitely consider this knife set because you will not be disappointed. While others purchase more traditional knife sets, your set will be the topic of conversation every time a friend visits your home and feasts their eyes on your futuristic set.


Chicago Cutlery 1119644 Fusion Forged 18-Piece Knife Block Set

There’s nothing quite like having sharp, precise blades for your kitchen’s knives. You will find that when you have these in place, you Chicago Cutlery 1119644 Fusion Forged 18-Piece Knife Block Set will be able to craft and create the most amazing meals for your family, or a gathering of some kind. Some of the best options today are coming from Chicago Cutlery. Their lineup has been praised by many, and amidst their selection, you’ll want to look into the Chicago Cutlery 1119644 Fusion Forged 18-Piece Knife Block Set. This set includes everything you could possibly want to get started with cooking in your home. From a parer, peeler, to steak knives, slicers, and even a sharpening tool, you’ll find that this collection is nothing short of amazing overall.

Aside from the set that you will get, consider the stainless steel forged blades, as well as the polygraph and stainless handles. The grind edge keeps the sharp edges sharper over time, so that you don’t have to constantly sharpen on your own. Perhaps the best feature of these, aside from how sharp they are, is the fact that they come with a full lifetime warranty. That’s right, a full lifetime warranty that most companies do not offer is packed with each set you purchase from Chicago Cutlery.


Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Set by Lucentee

When you think of knives, you think of stainless steel, which is always a good thing. But most options in this arena aren’t exactly Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Set by Lucenteepersonalized. They are usually silver colored, with a handle that is generic in nature. But what if you could change colors, including blade colors, and still have precision cuts? Well that’s that When you think of knives, you think of stainless steel, which is always a good thing. But most options in this arena aren’t exactly personalized. They are usually silver colored, with a handle that is generic in nature. But what you get from the Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Set that features Santoku Knife Plus and more. This is a solution that should not be dismissed at all, as it is powerful in the way it is set up and colored.

When you purchase this set, you will receive 6 total knives, one for each task you will want to work with. The knives are difference bright colors, and are made of stainless steel with a laser finish. This is absolutely sharp, and easy to use, as well as easy to find in the kitchen. In a set of knives, you will no doubt find these, because they are bright, sharp, and comfortable overall.

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Mercer Culinary Genesis 6-Piece Forged Knife Block Set

Breaking down the best culinary knife set can be a bit difficult, until you see some of the higher end solutions like those mentioned onMercer Culinary Genesis 6-Piece Forged Knife Block Set this list. In the midst of these, you’ll want to consider the Mercer Culinary Genesis 6-Piece Forged Knife Block Set, as a serious contender for the best cutlery that you can buy. With this option you will receive 6 pieces, and a block that is made of tempered glass. This gives your set a visual design element that others don’t usually give. The knives themselves are made of strong no-stain cutlery steel, and will not rust, corrode, or discolor.

The strength and durability of the set are second to none, with taper-ground edges, non-slip grips, and the ability to cut frozen items with ease, this is definitely not your average knife set. Aside from the incredible sharpness, you’ll find that they have been NSF certified, and come with a lifetime warranty. While this may be limited, it’s still well worth investing into, as many reviewers have pegged this set as the best available today.


Knife Set with Wooden Block 13 Piece by Utopia KitchenKnife Set with Wooden Block 13 Piece by Utopia Kitchen

For those that just want to go with basics, and make sure that there’s enough to get through cooking anything in the kitchen, then this set is for you. The Knife Set with Wooden Block 13 Piece gives you everything you need to get started. With easy grip handles, high grade blades, and a price that is quite affordable, this set is going to be a great solution for any family. The blades themselves are 420 grade stainless steel, and will not break down fast, or dull.

You get a full range of knives with this set, and of course, the block. Alongside these elements, you will receive a pair of scissors as well, giving you a very good set to start out with, or to just have as you go to option for serving, carving, and more. With 13 pieces, you will no doubt have enough to cut, and cook just about anything with relative ease. If you’re not happy with this option, you can return it for a full refund, and without any questions asked. Simply put, this is a good set, backed by reputation, and positive reviews.


Premium Class Stainless Steel Kitchen 12 Piece Knife Set By Utopia Kitchen

Premium Class Stainless Steel Kitchen 6 Piece Knife Set By Utopia KitchenThe last option on this list is from Utopia Kitchen. The Premium Class Stainless-Steel Kitchen 12 Knife-Set with Acrylic Stand By Utopia Kitchen is definitely visually stunning. With the tempered glass holder, and the 12 options you receive, you’ll absolutely love the selection of blades that come with this set. Each blade is made of 420 grade stainless steel. This means precision cutting, chopping, and more. The sleek design of the blades, and simple grip handles make this professional looking and easy to work with. The blade thickness is slightly thinner than some competitors, but the blade themselves are sharp, and stay sharp without worry. Simply put, this one of the most affordable sets on our best knife set list.


Get The Best Knife Set - The Comprehensive Guide to Knife Block Sets

Is your current kitchen block set getting old and in need of a replacement? With this handbook, I will teach you how to get all your cutlery needs with one purchase. Instead of having to buy knives for your kitchen block separately, I will show you how to save time by finding the perfect kitchen knife set for your home.

The first thing you need to do is ask the following questions.

  • What should you require in a knife block set?
  • Is a 6-inch utility that important?
  • What are the best bread knives on the market?
  • Are two meat cleavers necessary if you are not a professional chef?

Let's get started learning about the most important items to weigh in before purchasing a knife set. The feeling I felt when I bought my first set was glorious and is one that I hope you feel soon after you read this guide.

If your purse strings are tight at the moment, buying a bunch of knives in a set can feel intimidating. Most of the premium sets will set you back anywhere from $250 to $1000.

Seeing a price tag like the ones above may deter you and make you feel hopeless but don't give up. The more expensive premium sets are you meant for the professional chef, and you will never need most of them.

I can promise you that most of them aren't important and that you can find sets that include the knives you need for an affordable price. You must look for sets that include at least a 6" knife, an 8" fillet knife, a santoku knife, two serrated knives and two mixed length boning knives. With these knives in your set, you will be able to complete almost any task in your kitchen without having to buy a professional set with knives that you will barely use.

The Requisites

Which knives are a must have for your kitchen block set? A lot of sets have over eight different blades included which can make the set bloated and expensive.

The minimalist in me believes in quality over quantity, and I hope you do too. Below you will find the 4 central knives that I feel need to be in your set. The rest are just extras and are not required if you are sure you don't need them.

The knives that are must have in any set you buy are the paring, boning, chefs and bread knives. These four knives can handle every single task in the kitchen that you will encounter while you prepare a meal for your loved ones.

Paring Knife

This knife will be the smallest in the set, but it is vital. It is usually anywhere from 2-4" in blade length and is used to cut up vegetables.

The paring knife can peel fruits and can accommodate you when you are slicing food that requires delicate motions. Many people who are involved in food photography use them to make dishes that are appealing to the eye. Chefs in fancy restaurants use them to prepare

hor 'd oeuvres like a surgeon would work in his patient in a surgery room.

I like to use my pairing knife to peel the skin off of my favorite fruits. It requires complete precision and would never work with my 8-inch chef knife because the blade is difficult to control. Another use that I have for it is removing blemishes from potatoes. When I need to chop them, the answer would be to use a chef knife, but only a paring knife can remove blemishes accurately without letting anything to go to waste.

The paring knife comes in different shapes and sizes. Blade sizes tend to be between 2 and 4 inches long. They are very sharp, so you need to be careful when you handle them. I have accidentally cut myself more than a few times, and it can be quite painful. As far as shapes are concerned, you can find them in with a straight edge, a curved edge and with a turned down edge. Stay clear from using any of these on a cutting board. They are not chefs knives and can produce more accurate cuts when used in your hand.

Boning Knife

The next essential knife to cover on this list is the boning knife. The knives are usually anywhere from 5-6" and tend to be pretty thin. They are used to de-bone any meat you want to cook in the kitchen.

The stiffer boning knives are used to remove the bones from beef, pork, and other similar meats. Flexible blades are preferred for more delicate meats such as fish and chicken. Their bones tend to be brittle which means the knife demands flexibility.

No matter what you like more, the boning knife must be included in any knife block set that you go with. It will make your life easier because you can maneuver your blade like a pro and impress guests that visit your home.

Chef Knife

You cannot call yourself a chef without having the legendary chefs knife in your home. This knife is the most valuable asset in any kitchen and is usually around 8-inches long. I obsess over mine and am always maintaining it so it can retain its sharpness.

There is no slicing and dicing task that this knife can't accomplish. Most culinary students learn to use this before any other knife on our list because it is a chef's best friend. It can mince, slice, chop vegetables, slice meat, and cleave through just about any bone you put in its way.

As I mentioned before, no knife requires more maintenance than this one if you wish to keep it for many years. The reason for this is that it is used for every single task unlike the other knives on this list that don't get used often.

The average chef knife is anywhere from 8-inches to 10-inches and comes in a variety of metals. These metals include carbon steel, stainless steel, high carbon stainless steel and titanium which tends to be more expensive. The shape of their blade is triangular with a curve that narrows down at the tip. The tip of the knife is on a straight line that goes straight down to the handle.

What I love about a chef knife with a curved blade is how softly you can rock it back and forth when cutting up food on a cutting board. You don't have to exert much force, and once you get the hang of things, it comes almost therapeutic.

The countries I feel make the best chef knives are Germany, Japan, and America. They each have their way of manufacturing them, so each knife has its unique features and capabilities. If you ever decide you want to splurge a lot of money on one knife, the chef knife is the one to do it on. I spent close to $200 on my German knife, and it has been my best friend for two years.

When people go knife shopping, the first part of the knife they look at is the blade. The handle is usually ignored, and it shouldn't be because it is a highly significant aspect of a high-quality knife. Before purchasing online, it is best to go to a store that sells knives and place it in the palm of your hands. Make sure it feels comfortable and isn't too heavy based on how much you can handle.

I have small hands, so I prefer knives with short handles that are light in nature. Ergonomics is key, so there should be a balance between weight and size. My favorite chef knife is the Wusthof Classic 8-inch because it is perfect in every way and feels like it was manufactured specifically for me. You might like another which is why I chose the top five knives in my Chef Knife guide to give you a few options.

Bread Knife

Many people call this knife the serrated knife, but you can choose whichever name you are comfortable with using.

Stick with blades that are at least 10-inches in length. There are specialty bread knives that are made larger, but I believe it is going a bit overboard. Make sure that your knife block set doesn't have an 8-inch knife because it is on the small side and won't get the job done effectively. You will not believe how useful those extra 2-inches will be and you will thank me later for giving you this advice.

Another tip would be to steer clear of flimsy serrated knives. You should stick with a bread knife that is sturdy and durable. If you ever decide to use it to chop nuts or root vegetables, you will know exactly why this advice is valuable.

The following are the characteristics that every bread knife should have. Pass on just one feature and your life will be more of hassle in the kitchen.

A serrated knife must have edges that are either fluted, serrated or scalloped. The most valuable is the serrated edge because you can place more pressure when it touches your loaf of bread. The optimal way to slice your bread is by dragging the blade as opposed to shoving into it. The result will be cleaner slices instead of smudged ones that squash your bread.

Length is crucial when it comes to bread knives. With the longest knife possible, the handling will be much more stress-free. The rule of thumb is to buy a serrated knife that is 50% taller than the broadest loaf of bread. Finally, your knife needs to be as sharp as tolerable with a narrow edge. You will not believe how perfect your slices will be with the proper technique and a premium bread knife.

Something I adore about serrated knives is that they require very little maintenance, unlike chef knives. The reason for this is simple. They are not used as much as a chef knife which tends to be used every single day if you cook every night for your loved ones. Usually, you will need to sharpen your bread knife every few years which is a big reason why I like it.




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