What is the Best Global Knife Set ?

Anyone familiar with kitchen knives have probably heard the brand name “Global” before. Global knives are known throughout the world for their high-quality performance in the kitchen. They have durable blades that are thin, which makes cutting food items extremely easy and requires very little effort on your end. Global designs knives that are elegant and come in one complete piece in order to stay durability and strong for whatever you have to cut. Best of all, they are easy to clean and store.

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Global knives are used by both homeowners and chefs alike. Homeowners like them because they are affordable and chefs like them because of how well they cut food. You may just be someone who cooks occasionally or someone who is a chef in the kitchen. Regardless of which, the knives you use could determine whether the meal you prepare is good or not. A quality knife makes it easy and fast to prepare a meal because it means you spend less time in the kitchen.

Try out Global knives for the next meal you prepare in the kitchen. They will last you for an entire lifetime. There are three particular Global branded knife sets that you should lookout for. There is the Global Ikasu Set with 6 knives (bread, chef, prep, utility, nakiri, paring), the Global G-2338 with 3 knives (8-inch hollow ground chef knife, 5-inch chef’s knife, paring), and the Global G-835/WS Set with 5 knives (bread, carving, utility, paring, Asian).

Global Knives vs. Wusthof Classic Knives

One of Global Knives’ biggest competitors is Wusthof. Chefs and cooks from all around the world love using the knives manufactured by these companies to prepare meals with. But the knives of each of these companies has their own unique qualities and differences to them. That is why you need to consider your preferences when it comes to knives and then figure out which of these knives meets those preferences.

About Global Knife Sets

  • -Global knives gives users the ability to perform precise cuts because of their lighter design. This is a design that comes from Japan.
  • Every Global knife has a thin blade design to it which enables them to be very sharp.
  • The long edges of Global knives are sharp. This gives users more flexibility in the types of foods the can prepare with them.
  • Global knives have edges which are very straight, giving users more ease when they have to cut bigger items.

About the Wusthof Classic Set

  •  Its curved blades make chopping rocks easier.
  •  Holding the handles of these knives is more comfortable because the grip is better, even when it is wet.
  • Light bones can be cut through with these knives. You won’t even risk damaging the blade either.
  •  Wusthof knives weigh more than Global knives. Many users like heavier knives.

6 Additional Things to Consider

wusthof vs global

# 1 – The metals of these knives are quite similar and they have similar levels of hardness. The hardness level of Global knives is between 56 and 58, whereas the hardness of Wusthof knives is 56. This means the blades of each sets of knives have similar durability. The only thing is the Global knives are a little bit better in their hardness levels.

# 2 – There are convex edges on Global knives. Wusthof knives have straight edges and Global knives have a 15° angle on their edges.

# 3 – Anyone who likes heavier knives will choose the Wusthof instead of the Global.

# 4 – Global knives have a lighter design which means their nimbleness is better when used. These knives also have indents in their handles which makes it easier for users to grip them.

# 5 – The blade and handle of Global knives are welded together. This would technically make them two-piece blades. These knives are designed like this so that they can have the proper weight and balance necessary to handle them well. The balance these knives provide are better than what the majority of other knives can offer.

# 6 – When the handles of Wusthof knives get wet, they have a better grip than when the handles of Global knives get wet.

The Best Global Knife Set: 7 Piece Ikasu Set 

7 piece ikasu set

If you’re looking for the best Global knife set around, then try the 7-piece Ikasu knife set. The knives of this set have what every kitchen should have. You could purchase this knife set to spoil yourself or to surprise someone else who loves cooking in the kitchen. There are approximately 6 knives and a wooden block in this set, making it a 7-piece set. Here are the specifics of these pieces:

Paring Knife – Peeling will be simple with this 3-inch long paring knife. You can do everything with this knife from deveining shrimp to removing the seeds out of some hot peppers.

Medium Utility Knife – This utility knife has a 4.5-inch blade and it is suitable for cutting vegetables and sandwich meat. However, you probably couldn’t use this knife as a chef in a kitchen because it’s not large enough.

Prep Knife / Chef’s Utility – This is a chef’s preferred utility knife because of its 5-inch blade. It can handle cutting jobs that are a little bit larger than what the regular utility knife can handle.

Nakiri Knife – The Nakiri knife has a 5.5-inch blade and is best for cutting vegetables with.

Chef’s Knife – The Chef’s knife has an 8-inch blade and is great for cutting up all types of meats.

Bread Knife – The last knife in the set is the bread knife. It has an 8-inch long blade.

Knife Block – A knife block made of acrylic and bamboo. It allows you to store your knives safely.

All of these knives have dimples in their stainless-steel handles so you can grip them easier. This also provides a 50/50 bevel so you can get an edge that’s super fine.


  •  The fine blades of this knife set provide an extra-sharp cut.
  •  Each blade is forged out of CROMOVA 18 stainless-steel and has a hardness level of between 56 and 58, which gives it great strength and durability.
  •  The knives are balanced and lightweight, allowing them to cut very easily. They even feel great when holding them in your hands.


  •  Plastic material makes up the majority of the knife block. Some people have complained that this plastic tends to crack after a while.

Overall, this knife set is affordable and recommended by chefs from across the globe. It is also the best Global knife set you can own.

3-Piece Global Knife Set

All Global knives are made of high-quality materials. This knife set has CROMOVA 18 stainless-steel in the blades just like the last set we talked about. This means it is resistant to stains, corrosion, and rust.

3 piece global set

Paring Knife – This knife has a 3.5-inch blade, making it versatile and small enough to perform small cuts that larger blades cannot handle.

Cook’s Knife – This knife has a 5-inch blade, making it great for disjointing and slicing things.

Hollow Ground Cook’s Knife – This large knife has an 8-inch blade and can cut bigger items like bone and vegetables.


- Three common knives that every kitchen should have.

- The blades are razor sharp and have 50/50 bevels, allowing you to have precise cuts.

- Very affordable


- Knife block is not included.

If you are looking for a starter knife set that is affordable, then this is the set for you.

6-Piece Global G-835/WS Knife Set

A very impressive knife set in the Global series. The G-835 has a stainless-steel blade and a quality knife block. Only problem is that it is not so cheap. Here are the knives included in this set:

Global G-835 WS 6 Piece Knife Set

Paring Knife – The knife has a 4-inch blade.

Utility Knife – Has a 5.25-inch blade which can cut most food items like vegetables and meats. It is also good for seed removal.

Asian Cook Knife – It has a 7-inch blade to give precision cuts to vegetables.

Carving Knife – It’s 8.25-inch blade can carve all kinds of meats very quickly.

Bread Knife – The blade is 8.75-inches and can perform all kinds of bread cutting.


  •  The Asian Cook Knife allows you to cut vegetables quickly.
  •  The knives of this set have versatile blade lengths. This makes them useful for multiple types of occasions.
  •  The knife block has extra slots for expanding your knife collection with.


  •  The set’s name is kind of misleading.

The G-835 knife set tends to upset people with its name because it really has a block and 5 knifes, not 6 knives like you’re led to believe. Aside from that, the knives are still great at chopping, dicing, and slicing all kinds of foods. This makes it suitable for all types of kitchens, whether you’re a chef or just a casual cook who likes to have the right knives available to them. The blades are durable and sharp enough to make cooking in the kitchen a breeze.


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